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Agerlhof- Urlaub am Weinbauernhof  viac »

Agerlhof- Urlaub am Weinbauernhof
Untere Hauptstraße 15
Phone & Fax: +43 2160 8220
Mobile: +43 699 12648384
Fascinated by wine? Come and join us! You will be able to look behind the scenes of a master of viticulture during the idyllic ‘Days of the Vintner’ at the Agerlhof. Innovative viticulture and the most modern technology characterize the wines of our business. Guided tours through the vineyards, wine tasting and a documentary about the wine grower in our wine bar by prior booking.

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Auer Edwin  viac »

Auer Edwin
Bundesstraße 28
Mobile: +43 664 1752521
Enjoy traditional local cuisine in our vaulted cellar, homemade spreads, Strudels and pastries as well as wines from our vineyard. Open March through September: Fridays and Saturdays from 6 p.m., Sundays and public holidays from 5 p.m. Playground, terrace. For celebrations the restaurant is available outside our normal opening hours.

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Bioweingut Edelhof  viac »

Bioweingut Edelhof
Hauptplatz 6
Phone: +43 2160 8291
Mobile: +43 664 254 83 91
Certified organic quality without compromises Organic wine in all its facets is our work, our life, our daily challenge. And has been so for 30 years. That is why we are one of the top organic wine growers in Austria today.

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Hackl Michael  viac »

Hackl Michael
Hauptplatz 4
Phone & Fax: +43 2160 8635
Mobile: +43 676 7273163

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Leo Hillinger GmbH  viac »

Leo Hillinger GmbH
Hill 1
Phone: +43 2160 8317
Only the most perfect grapes are bottled. Hillinger vineyard belongs to one of the largest producers of high quality wines in Austria with over 90 hectares of land. Our main philosophy, remain close to nature. Our goal, to retain our distinctive regional character. • daily farm yard sale • lounge for wine tasting • area for events • rooms for seminars • production hall • oak barrel cellar Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Markus Altenburger  viac »

Markus Altenburger
Untere Hauptstraße 62
Phone & Fax: +43 2160 710 89
The focus on vineyards and old vines is what makes our wines so distinct! This wine-maker’s goal is to work out the character of the different grape varieties, and the specifications of their origins. For this reason the wines are mostly made from one location and one specific grape; typical additives or other technical means such as pure-culture yeast are also not used.

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Markus Hoffmann  viac »

Markus Hoffmann
Untere Hauptstraße 9
Phone: +43 2160 8345
Mobile: +43 676 3481390
Each variety of grape has its own character that we wish to emphasize. But for a beautiful wine to develop, many details must blend into one. Taste our award-winning wines in our modern dégustation premises by prior booking.

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Martin Pasler  viac »

Martin Pasler
Obere Hauptstraße 44
Phone: +43 664 3802184
Fax: +43 2160 8374

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Oleanderhof-Winzerhof  viac »

Obere Hauptstraße 15/ Kirchberggasse 5
Phone: +43 676 9255156
A true experience of wine Our family business is dedicated to a variety of grapes. Our love of nature and our work is reflected in our wines. We produce wine at various quality levels offering exceptional value for money.

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Steinwandtner Ludwig - Schnepfenhof  viac »

Steinwandtner Ludwig - Schnepfenhof
Bundesstraße 1
Phone: +43 2160 8343
Fax: +43 2160 20031

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Steinwandtner-Weber  viac »

Phone: +43 676 534 7080
Leidenschaft – Sorgfalt – Respekt Wir erzeugen Weine, die ihre Herkunft transportieren -elegant- mineralisch – präzise und vielschichtig. Die absolute Konzentration auf die Stärken der Region und die einzigartigen Böden geben den Weinen Jahr für Jahr ihre unverwechselbare klare und saftige Stilistik. Verkauf und Degustation unserer Weine nach telefonischer Voranmeldung.

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Weinbau Leo Steinwandtner  viac »

Weinbau Leo Steinwandtner
Untere Hauptstraße 67
Mobile: +43 676 534 70 80
Genießen Sie bei hauseigenen Weinen und traditioneller Heurigenküche in unserem Natursteinkellergewölbe die Atmosphäre eines alten Weinkellers. Unter unseren Arkaden sowie im Keller bieten wir insgesamt 100 Sitzplätze. Kinderspielplatz im Innenhof. Öffnungszeiten 2011: 23. April - 26. Juni, 28. Juli - 2. Oktober Fr. und Sa. ab 18.00 Uhr, So. und Feiertags ab 17.00 Uhr.

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Weingut & Gästezimmer Robert Steurer  viac »

Weingut & Gästezimmer Robert Steurer
Untere Hauptstraße 6
Fax: +43 2160 83 54
Mobile: +43 664 132 82 52
With heart and mind – wine grower for a life time Our family business has been run to very high standards for generations. Guided wine tours, fun-cart rides by prior booking.

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Weingut D & D Haider  viac »

Weingut D & D Haider
Hauptplatz 10
Phone: +43 2160 7474
Mobile: +43 699 19134350
Enjoy our wine and your holiday Experience the ripening of the grapes and wines, come to our vineyard to smell our wines, to taste them, to ‘talk shop’ or for degustation, with pure relaxation the result. Various awards won: gold medals (first prizes) as well as annual prizes by Falstaff gourmet magazine.

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Weingut Fam. Niessl  viac »

Weingut Fam. Niessl
Bundesstraße 23
Phone: +43 2160 8234
Fax: +43 2160 82347
Wine growers by tradition producing quality by conviction We have dedicated ourselves to the cultivation of grapes and their noble product for generations, wine. Astonishing the value for money that is only possible by rational processes combined with high quality standards.

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Weingut Franz Pasler  viac »

Weingut Franz Pasler
Untere Hauptstraße 30
Phone & Fax: +43 2160/7385
Mobile: +43 664/1243728
"What a pity that one cannot caress wine" Guest rooms and vineyard, quality and special quality wines, red, white and rosé wines. Our wines are of carefully selected quality – and carefully manufactured. Book our wine tasting complete with a guided tour through our cellars and other premises. Our special offer: wine tasting weekend for wine lovers (min. 10 people).

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Weingut "HST"  viac »

Weingut "HST"
Bahnstraße 28
Mobile: + 43 664 5511780
Harmony + quality = pleasure Awarded by A la Carte, Falstaff and Salon our wines belong to the best of Austria. We are a family business and work 10 hectares of vineyards. Thanks to the well-balanced Pannonian climate we can grow full-bodied red wines rich in substance and fruity white wines. Sales and wine tasting every day by prior booking.

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Weingut Kirchberghof KG  viac »

Weingut Kirchberghof KG
Eisenstädter Str. 6
Phone & Fax: +43 2160 8366
Mobile: +43 676 7259253
Culinary delights awaken your joie de vivre! Preserving the beauty of nature and our environment is one of our main concerns. Experience the magic of tasting our quality organic wines, our Primus organic-sparkling wines, organic Frizzante creations and organic grape juices. Wine tasting by prior booking only.

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Weingut Kiss  viac »

Weingut Kiss
Bundesstraße 39
Phone: + 43 2160 8326
Elegant and harmonious wines We use nature, outstanding soils, best locations and our passion for wine to create typical regional and vintage wines. Wine tasting by prior booking possible. Various prizes from the Falstaff gourmet magazine, Salon wine competition, and more.

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Weingut Kiss (Fischbach)  viac »

Weingut Kiss (Fischbach)
Untere Hauptstraße 69
Phone: +43 664 3910 225
Mit jedem Glas Wein - ein Glas Genuss! Gerne laden wir Sie ein, diesen Genuss bei uns zu erleben und sich dabei von der Qualität unserer Weine zu überzeugen. Weingartenführung, Weinverkostung und Verkauf sind jederzeit nach Vereinbarung möglich. Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

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Weingut Pasler-Bäck  viac »

Weingut Pasler-Bäck
Untere Hauptstraße 55
Phone: +43 2160 8232
Traditionasbetrieb seit 1777 Als Weinbau-Traditionsbetrieb ist die Familie Pasler-Bäck seit 1777 Synonym für exzellente, naturbelassene Weine. Erleben Sie die Faszination Wein – von der Entstehung bis zur Gaumenfreude. In unseren Kellern lagern Raritäten ab dem Jahrgang 1960.

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Weingut Sattler  viac »

Weingut Sattler
Klausenberg 3
Phone: +43 2160 8206
Fax: +43 2160 82064
‘Combining tradition and the modern world’ is our motto We’ve been awarded many prizes over the past years: Salon wine competition, national winner, national and international gold medals, as well as annual prizes from Falstaff gourmet magazine. Come and taste our wines on our magnificent lake view terrace or at the lovingly designed wine store.

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Werner Auer  viac »

Werner Auer
Untere Hauptstraße 63
Phone: +43 2160 8388, +43 699 19980063
Fax: +43 2160 8388
Authentic, down-to-earth, close to nature! When trying our wines you will discover how interesting and unique our harmonious wines from the locality taste. The many awards won are proof of their quality.

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Winzerhof Kiss  viac »

Winzerhof Kiss
Josef Haydngasse 1
Phone: +43 2160 8256
We strive for a harmonious blend of tradition and know-how in our wine cellars. Our range is full of variety with fruity, mild, and sweet white wines and velvety, full-bodied red wines rich in substance. Taste and enjoy our award- winning wines in our comfortable, arcaded inner courtyard or our newly built room for dégustation.

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Winzerhof Lentsch  viac »

Winzerhof Lentsch
Untere Hauptstraße 60
Phone & Fax: +43 2160 8221
In harmony with nature Is our first and main principle that we have followed for many generations. Not only do we combine tradition and modern technology in the vineyards but also in our cellars when making the wines. We heartily invite you to come to a wine tasting of our award-winning wines together with delicacies from the region.

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Winzerhof Richter  viac »

Winzerhof Richter
Josef Hayndgasse 13
Phone & Fax: +43 2160 8328
Mobile: +43 699 17200568
Wine grower’s Richter – wines with tradition Come and visit our professional premises 8 hectares in size and immerse yourself in the world of wine and wine making. Taste the best vintage grape varieties and convince yourself of their high quality. The best special quality wines, musecco (German sparkling wine) as well as homemade schnapps and liqueurs await you!

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Winzerhof Schuber  viac »

Winzerhof Schuber
Untere Hauptstraße 26
Phone: +43 2160 8258
Wine tasting at the Schubers’! Guest house and wine grower, open all year. Come and visit us, we’ll take you on a guided tour through our vineyards and invite you to wine tasting complete with commentary. By prior booking only. If the wine tasting takes a little longer you can stay overnight in one of our guest rooms.

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