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UNESCO World Heritage Fertö - Lake Neusiedl
Unique variety on land and sea and air ... As a UNESCO World Heritage site this region is one among 850 natural and cultural heritage sites worldwide. The core of this region is Lake Neusiedl. It is the westernmost steppe lake, known for its shallow depths and one of the most exotic among European waters. The region has been earmarked a cultural landscape ‘of exceptional and universal value’ - thanks to its numerous cultural assets and natural landmarks.

One such protected natural landscape is the National Park of Lake Neusiedl - Seewinkel. With its reed belt, marshy meadows and saltwater lakes, it is considered one of the most fascinating natural regions of Europe. East and West European fauna and flora blend to create an extraordinary variety of more than 300 bird species.

From a geological and geomorphologic point of view the UNESCO World Heritage site Fertö - Lake Neusiedl is characterized by unique diversity. Typical for the whole region of Lake Neusiedl is the great variety of cultural landscapes: from the lake district of Seewinkel, to Lake Neusiedl with its labyrinth of canals within its reed belt, from the area of Seewiesen to the farmland on the plains and from the vineyards rich in structure to the wooded crests of the Leitha Mountains.

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