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Lake Neusiedl - Leitha Mountains Nature Park
Vacation in Pannonia’s garden.
In the heart of the new expanded Europe, directly on the brink of the Pannonian Plain and the foothills of the Alps, on the banks of the biggest steppe lake in Central Europe, lies the Lake Neusiedl - Leitha Mountains World Heritage Nature Park. This includes the five villages of Breitenbrunn on Lake Neusiedl, Donnerskirchen, Jois, Purbach on Lake Neusiedl and Winden on the Lake. This Nature Park is unique because of its balance of areas for protecting nature and those protecting the landscape. The small-scale, well tended cultural landscape, the historic buildings in the villages and the influence of various peoples going back millennia, the Celts, Romans, Baiuvarii, Avars, Turks, Hungarians, South Germans and Austrians, all add to its uniqueness.

Besides being rated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, this nature preserve within the nature park holds other distinctions, for example: NATURA 2000-region, RAMSAR region, biosphere reserve; it is also a member of the collaboration ‘Culinary Region Austria’ with its premium cherry from the Leitha Mountains. Nowhere else in Europe and in very few places worldwide can be found such a highly distinguished nature preserve as the Lake Neusiedl World Heritage Nature site. This is clearly shown by the fauna and flora.

To give visitors a chance to get to know the species-rich fauna and flora in the nature park a wide-ranging, all year round tour program has been put together. Besides guided hiking tours, seminars and workshops, there are also specialized field trips and expert conventions on offer as well as boat field trips at the point where River Wulka joins Lake Neusiedl.

Regionalverband Neusiedler See-Leithagebirge
Hauptgasse 38
7083 Purbach am Neusiedler See
Tel: +43(0)2683/5920, F: DW 4