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Culinary Region Leitha Mountain Premium Cherry
It all revolves around the cherry
The Culinary Region in this area covers the municipals of Jois, Winden, Breitenbrunn, Purbach and Donnerskirchen; for years now it has also been known as the ‘Cherry Blossom Region’. Every April it is ablaze with its white blossoms from thousands of cherry trees only to change to red in June when the sweet fruits are beckoning. Every hiker and cyclist is invited to pick some fruit from one of over a thousand publicly planted ‘snack’ cherry trees. Also on farmyards or along the federal highway B50 you can purchase the premium cherries freshly picked. But in order to enjoy the tasty cherries all year round, several farms spoil you with their mostly handmade cherry products like cherry bread, juices, jams, cherry noodles, cherry pâtés, liquors and much besides.

The Leitha Mountain premium cherry has long been a tradition at local restaurants. The cherry strudel has evolved into more sophisticated dishes that get that extra touch from the local cherries. This includes dishes like savory cherry soup, the Waller catfish in cherry sauce, roast game with peppered cherries or the famous Kaiserschmarrn (sugared pancakes with raisins) with stewed cherry to name but a few culinary highlights.

For further information about all our delicious products and local companies please contact: Verein Genussregion Leithaberger Edelkirsche:

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