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Welcome to Jois!
This idyllic wine-grower’s village overlooking Lake Neusiedl lies on the gentle slopes of the Leitha hills, within a nature park declared a world heritage site. Adults and children alike feel happy here in Jois where friendliness is a top priority. You can cycle through unspoiled countryside past cherry trees in bloom, take romantic walks, enjoy fun-filled swimming, sailing, and wind and kite surfing …
Our welcoming hotels and restaurants are known for their warm and friendly atmosphere and modern comfort. Enjoy our excellent cuisine and the local wines in the shade of a cozy vineyard. Jois wines are known well beyond Austria’s borders.
The municipal area of Jois belongs to one of the most ancient settlements in Burgenland as the many important archeological findings prove. The first humans probably lived here as long as 8,000 years ago. Our lovingly designed local museum exhibits findings from the Stone Age as well as insights into everyday life in this village rich in tradition. Also well worth seeing is the parish church from 1757 with its precious Baroque statues as well as the newly created educational wine trail.
Experience unspoiled nature or fabulous views of the lake as you pedal through the cherry blossom region, or enjoy a breathtaking view on romantic walks through the hilly vineyards.
Jois offers numerous atmospheric events all year round, the Jois celebration of St. Martin in November, the Jois Repute, Wine on the Main Square, the Garden Party and "Game in the Wild” to name just a few highlights. Besides wine, the Leitha Mountain premium cherry is also the focus of many events where you can enjoy the colorful cherry blossoms or the delicious cherries themselves and cherry products.
Whether you want a relaxing or an active vacation, whether as a single, a couple, a family or a group, you can look forward to your holiday in Jois. You’ve found a holiday resort with a heart!